Movie Quote of the Week - E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial (Steven Spielberg, 1982)


E.T.: Come…

Elliot: [solemnly] Stay…

E.T.: [puts his finger to his glowing heart] Ouch.

Elliot: [mimics the same action, tearfully] Ouch.

E.T.: [E.T. and Elliot embrace each other, then E.T. puts his glowing finger to Elliot’s forehead] I’ll… be… right… here.

Elliot: [tearfully] … bye.

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Quote of the Week - Drop Dead Fred (Ate de Jong, 1991)


Fred: I’m not afraid of the megabeast!

Young Elizabeth: I’m not either, when she comes in here we’ll make her eat up all this mud!

Fred: Yeah… and then we’ll cut her head off…

Young Elizabeth: with scissors…

Fred: Yeah… and then we’ll make her eat it

Young Elizabeth: …make her eat her own head… with what?

Fred: Oh yeah, well I’ll eat her head then.

Young Elizabeth: And I’ll eat the rest of her!

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Sonic the Hedgehog set to make big screen debut!


Retro videogame character Sonic the Hedgehog, created by Yuji Naka, first appeared in 1991 in Sony’s original game in the series Sonic the Hedehog. Spawning multiple sequels, comics, and television cartoons, the much-loved original star of gaming is set to appear on the big screen in his very own movie!

The film, which will be created by Sony and Japan-based production company Marza Animation…

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Rik Mayall: King of Comedy


rik mayall2

Last night, news broke out that an actor by the name of Rik Mayall had died. Within seconds this news spread worldwide as tribute posts, famous one liners and images of this comedy genius swarmed social media, and fans everywhere shared their grief over the loss of this monumental man.

For many of his generation who grew up in the 80′s when The Young Onesfirst premiered, Rik Mayall was the…

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We have a saying in Peebles, If the store doesn’t have it. Make it yourself.
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sometimes i get bored

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Film4 launches its ‘action packed’ season



Film4 describe their latest themed season as ’12 nights of essential action’ and kicks off tonight at 9pm with the channel premiere of Hanna (Joe Wright, 2011). The season will run from Monday 24th March – 4th April 2014, screening films in a double, sometimes triple, bill everynight from 9pm onwards.

With the success of the Akira Kurosawa season (read more about that here), which ran on…

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